By Far - Bobi Wine

By Far

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By Far Lyrics

[Intro]My father said there’s more politicsIn the music industry than in the ParliamentForgive them father,They don’t know who dem deal with, anyway!We ah bad man, we don’t fear intimidationThat’s why we sit top of the nationFrom Dangala Kamwokya where we come fromThis is a new one for you…[Verse 1]It is me, yes, bad Bobi Wine,The highest top budget gangsterYes indeed, I’m bad Bobi Wine,The multimillion bad man, listen!Big Size, you tell big lies,High in a dream that you just fantasizeOpen our eyes, better realize,Don’t see me rise and start criticizeYou talk about daddy’s money,And Bobi talk about Bobi’s moneyYou better wake up from your dream,Better grow up before you turn forty(Chorus)Bway dem tink dem badBut me ah badder dan dem by far (by far)De bway dem tink dem goodBut me ah better dan dem by far (by far)De man dem tink dem madBut me ah madder dan dem by far (by far)Sometime dem tink dem coolBut dem a fool and fool by far (by far)[Verse 2]Give me dis now, first of all life is not a movieIn a movie, is where you do your f**kin’ lovey doveyLife is a game based on realitySo if you play like a fool you will die like a foolBadman, tanyumya bi-story by’awakaBadman, tayambala bu jean bwaba dameBadman, tavimbila mu nyumba ya kyaliBadman, asasula n’engoye z’aba aguzeBadman, tava mu taata weBadman, tazalawa bya buwangwa byeTatamiila mu maaso ga tooto weBadman, amanya ne w’akoma ku mwengeDem say dem ah big like TitanicBut when bad man come dem start pace and panicBon chakna bombo world dem againDem ah kankana when dem ah see me(Chorus)Star! Badman (by far)Boom boom boom boom! Badman (by far)Dynamite! Every time you touch it, it blow youBad dan bad and hotter than fireAngry management! And di money! Tony Houls… ‘member![Verse 3]We are de original, dem ah carbon copyCarbon copy ne original, biba oppositeSome bway you nicknamed cartoon-baboonAfter time, your gyal want cartoon-baboonBig up the Goodlyfe inna NeverlandDon’t fear no man, never put down your gunBig up the doctor inna your islandWe nah big up no punk cuh we beg no friendMunaffe Sempala byamusambaObwenge bw’abayizi bwamuwenzaKyav’akola effujjo ely’ekiwengaNakwaata ne katima nataswaala, eh!You talk about daddy’s moneyAnd Bobi talk about Bobi’s moneyYou better wake up from your dreamBetter grow up before you turn forty(Chorus) X2

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